Why buy from us


#1 Reasonable Prices

our prices are very reasonable on pet puppies and include everything in the full registration puppy package, minus breeding and show rights.

#2 Health Guarantee

we guarantee your puppy to be in good health and free of genetic disease for 2 full years. we also have a full refund option available on our genetic guarantee

#3 Family Dogs

know you will be buying a puppy raised inside a loving home with parents who are raised as family dogs. our dogs are indoor dogs and part of the family. you puppy was not raised in a kennel and your puppies parents are not confined to kennels.

#4 Breeder support

we will always be there for you and your dog throughout their lives. we usually develop a friendship with our buyers. we are always available to answer any questions you have.

#5 Veterinarian checked puppies and dogs

we have had the same veterinarian since we started back in 2001 and our dogs and puppies are checked regularly and kept utd on their vaccinations

#6 Social puppies

our puppies are born in their own room in our home they are never kenneled and get the run of the house most days. they are very well socialized with kids and other pets, they are never shy!

#7 Experience

we have owned and loved this breed since 2001 and seem to know this breed better than anything else. our research of the breed is never finished and we can answer just about any questions you have about the breed

#8 No over breeding

we never have more than 3 litters a year and we do not breed on every heat cycle. our females are not over bred and we do not breed females after the age of 5. we do not keep our dogs in kennels and never have more dogs than we can manage.

#9 Beauty

Our puppies and dogs are some of the most beautiful around and no one will ever tell us different. you are guaranteed to own a beautiful adult that will have everyone turning their heads and asking you about your dog wherever you go

#10 Great companions

You can find your best friend waiting for you from one of our litters. guaranteed to provide you and your family a great companion and a long life. Siberians are a very healthy breed and have very long lives with the right nutrition and exercise.

Created by Ashley D