Puppy Application

If you are interested in getting a puppy from us please take a moment and email this application to hppyk9knnl@gmail.com we will get back with you within 24 hours





Cell Phone:

Email Address:

What puppy/litter are you inquiring about or what are you looking for in a dog:

Have you in the past or do you currently own a Siberian Husky:

Do you have a veterinarian:

please list veterinarian info below





Please list your methods of containment (this does not have to be a fenced yard I just want to know the measures you are planning to take to keep your dog safe and contained)

Have you researched Siberian Huskies or wolfdogs:

Take a moment here and tell me about yourself, your family, life, life you plan to provide for your future furry family member, let us know about your research on the breed and anything you know to expect from the breed, let us know if you know the health concerns of the breed, and anything else you have to add, or any questions you may want to ask us

Email to hppyk9knnl@gmail.com

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